BS Chowdhry

Prof. Dr. B.S. Chowdhry is actively contributing to the community in development activities. 

THAR EDUCATION FESTIVAL ATTRACTED HUGE NUMBER OF STUDENTS: Thar Education Alliance: Several hundred students of government and private schools from across the desert region of Thar visited the Thar Education Festival where young students demonstrated their talent in different educational disciplines in a manner that took even the organizers by surprise.
The visiting students took a keen interest in the school-level projects and models produced by young Thari students and put on display on around 40 stalls at the festival, organized by the district education department, Tharparkar chief monitoring officer (CMO) and Thar Education Alliance in collaboration with several NGOs in Mithi.
It was aimed at hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.
Officials of various departments, academics, activists of NGOs and people from a cross-section of society also visited the festival. They lauded youth students’ talent as well as a deep interest in seeking knowledge of progress in different fields.
Prof Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, speaking at an awareness session on the education system, said it was encouraging to note that the festival had attracted such a large number of young students from an area that was one of the most backward regions of the country. He noted that the participating students demonstrated great talent while they and visitors showed a tendency of taking part in competitive examinations to prove their mettle. He called for more such healthy activities to encourage talent.
CMO Mohammed Ibrahim Kumbhar described the response to the event from Thari students as ‘huge’, and said talent of the young generation was needed to be explored as they also appeared active and enthusiast. They could play a vital role in the nation-building if given space and opportunities, he added.
Partab Shivani of the Thar Education Alliance said it was a matter of pride for all that students from a backward region like Thar traveled to Mithi from far off areas to attend the festival.
He said if educational and extracurricular activities in Thar were properly facilitated, Thari students could excel in every field. Thar SSP Abdullah Ahmedyar, Kewal Ram, Doulat Ram, Sanam Noor, Shusheel Malani, Dr. Manoj Kumar, and others also spoke at different sessions held during the festival [Report courtesy DAWN 10 Nov 2019]

Say No To Plastic Pollution: A public awareness event organized by County Cambridge Girls School, Hyderabad. Other schools must organize such awareness events.

Happy Fathers Day: Enjoyed delivering a talk to kids in one of the community-based Summer School program

Laar Science Festival: Feel honored to be part of Panel discussion and talk on “Transformation of STEM Education in Sindh “. Some of the recommendations for Sindh Govt: 1. Establishment of STEM Education TRUST from CSR fund 2. Establishment of Sindh CentrAl Teachers Training Academy (SCATTA) and offering of STEM Teaching Diploma(STD). 3. Establishment of Science Museums or Science Learning Centres (SLC) in every district for demonstrating concepts of basic science principles. 4. Development of STEM based Curriculum 5. There is need to Invest in preschool programs, quality child care and early literacy 6. Provide quality after-school programs to extend the school day 7. Encourage innovation in public education 8. Recognize and encourage schools that show improvement.
14th December 2018

Jewels of Jamshoro: Feel joyous to be with Children of #SOS Village (I call them Jewels of Jamshoro) and SOS Village management for giving me honor of having lunch with them. I am thankful to Lovely KIDS and Management of SOS village Jamshoro for their felicitation on my appointment as a Member Higher Education Commission.
14th November 2018