BS Chowdhry
 Dr Azam Arastu
Dr. Azam Arastu
Congrats on your 36 years of service at Mehran University. Your contribution to MUET and overall technical education in Pakistan is greatly appreciated
Khalid Pervez
Prof Khalid Pervez
My dear Prof Bhawani – we must all be proud of you. My most sincere and heart felt felicitations. Looking forward to your still greater achievements.
Cristian Sisterna 
So many celebrations together..!, hope you have a Great 2019 !, also Have a blessed retirement!, you have worked so hard during many years, you really deserve a peaceful and enjoyable retirement. All my best !
Faisal Ahmed Memon
Prof. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry Indeed you are a legend and role model for us. We will try to follow the legacy you have left.
Sarfraz Solangi 
Certainly a brilliant career, great contribution, and inspiration to many. Congratulations Saeen
Bakhtiar Rasool 
Dear Sir. Best wishes for your new chapter in life. We r proud of you. And hope to see more and more productive work in education field.
Siraj Qadir 
Dear sir,
You are a competent and committed teacher, a nice person and a great human. Congratulations on completing your official journey of service but we know that it is not the end of the journey rather it is start of a new journey. We are proud of you. Wish you a healthy and joyful post-retirement life.

Haroon Khan
I have very mixed feelings at this moment. Feeling proud to have a a role model, a mentor, a patriot and an excellent academic as my friend, who is retiring with flying colors. You have been an ideal personality. Feeling sad with a fear that my link with MUET may get weakened. I am so proud of you Sir. Stay Blessed and keep smiling. This is how life goes. 👍
Rizwan Baloch 
The vacancy you’ll leave behind may be filled in The position you’ll have right now may be held by others, But in our hearts, you’re simply irreplaceable. We’re gonna miss you Sir ❤
Junaid Mughal 
Honorable Sir, Great people never retire from work, i am 100% sure that you are a legend and will remain working in what ever capicity for the betterment of the university, this country and this world. You have always been a role model for me. May you always stay blessed and keep guiding us. Ameen
Dr-Riaz Hussain Soomro 
Almost 15 years ago I was working as a lecturer at Baqai University. I came to meet you at MUET with Prof Dr. Rahat Alam. Found you very humble, kind and mentoring personality. You constantly remained same as today you are. Today you are retired but your efforts and contribution will never retire as people from Sindh have lot of expectations from you Sir!!.
Muhammad Athar Javed 
Sir ji you are a true role model and pride of Pakistan. Your services are remarkable and we wish you to continue your work. God bless you!
Seema Ansari 
Thanks to your educational services. No doubt about your graceful retirement. I was lucky to have you in Spain during my PhD examination. Thanks for your services to education in Pakistan and abroad.
Mahesh Kumar 
Sir you are the pride and inspiration fr whole community. You have worked hard fr Muet that really goes global. Your contribution to MUET and society is really appreciable. Sir best wishes to you. 💐🌷💐
Babar Ghulam Shabbir 
Dear respected Bhawani Shankar Chowdhrysahib, you have done excellent job and kept stone of academic reasearch in MUET and created leaders in many engineering fields.I really appreciate your great contributions.
Iqtidar Khanzada 
Congratulations on most successful completion of 35 years meritorious service Always stay blessed and keep enjoying happy healthy and peaceful life
Muhammad Abdul Haleem
 I remember you very well when I visited BME dept Sind Univ.
Very kind , highly qualified and took interest and advised also for Development of ssuet departments . Scholars like you never retire.Hope you will continue your services for long.
Engr Kush 
i can drop tears in my eyes as you are retried from mehran universiry my tounge is very small to describe the personality like mount Everest. I can pray for your long life and the way you cross all mile stone i can just follow and i want to be your follower guru jee.stay blessed sirjee.The golden Era of Diamond person is completed in education field.The pakistan govt should not fell any hesitation to award the Best professor of Whole pakistan to the Nobel personality like The great Bhawani ShankarChowdhry sahb
Rudra Raj Pandey
This is start of new chapter. Let us do great things together. Pakistan and Nepal can do amazing things together. No one knows this better than you and me. I am excited for you. Well done Prof.
Ehsan Leghari 
An outstanding teacher, researcher, engineer, professional, guide and torch bearer; above all a par excellence human with humbleness in his blood, mind and body. I find myself desperately short of words while expressing my feelings for Sain Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry!
You are both source and continuum of knowledge and inspiration.
Saifullah Baloch 
Congratulations sir.
It was our honor to work and we find it our fortunate to work with such a dedicated, sincere and fully organized person.
Thanks for your precisious time ever

Abdul Ahad Noor Siddiqui
Sir apki mehnat numaya hay jeb admission hoa tha teb se apki acheuvments ka sun kr bht fakhr hot atha ke ek behtreen sakhsiat haamry Dean hein. Wish you best of luck , MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU WITH HIS MERCY
Parkash Lohana 
Dear Professor
You are a legend you yourself an institution. We can work together on different humanitarian projects
Tariq Rahim Soomro 
You are our role model sir, best wishes for future endeavors
Rathore Rahim 
Respected sir,
I have neither seen you nor have met with you except a brief telephonic talk .
You are really a living legend and a genius of *Adrishes* higher than Himalayas and above the linguistic , cultural and religious discriminations like Sindhu which shares its water to every body irrespective of their creed & color. History will remember your services. God Bless you . Enjoy the beginning of your new journey, sir.
Kishor Chandani
 Your career is true example of hard work, grit and leadership. It is inspiration for each and every one. You and Mehran University (MUET) are made for each other . You are blessing to thousand of Mehranians, whose life is directly or indirectly influenced by your works OR your words.
Bhibekshan Chowdhry
 Doctor, uncle and a friend. Being part of a family that has produced a jewel like you is such a proud feeling. I remember the time when you were going to the Uk for your phd and also very vividly remember when you came back and joined muet back in the faculty. I have witnessed your career and life so closely that I can very well say that you have done justice to your Being in every possible role which was entrusted on you. Not only you so thoroughly played your role as a teacher but more importantly as a visionary, an administrative head, a great mentor, a humble being, a loving father, a great community leader, a very respected name in the academia and much much more. MUET, Pakistan , our community and Chowdhry family is so proud of you.
Great man never retire and they don’t rest. Your mission 1 is accomplished, give yourself a rest and then I so look forward in a great possible role very soon.
Good luck and lots of love
Ghulam Akbar Mahesar 
Dear sir, Meritorious Professor Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, person like your calibre & wisdom can never be tired, you are source of inspiration & role model. Many congratulations to be appointed as Professor Emeritus at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology.
Raza Jafri
 Great person, great professor, great mentor and one the most glorious down to earth personality with whom I have the honor to meet personally! I have always been your fan Professor sahib though I did not have the honour of bieng your student but I have always respected you as my elder and mentor. Long live Doctor sahib, long live your legend. Ameen.
Foz Abro 
(Dr Fauzia Abro)
Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry
Sir, you are a legend larger than life. Your kind, caring demeanor and humble comportment are unparallel in all my academic and practical experiences. You are a true mentor and beacon for many of us. You are genuinely caring for all who come into your life. Your life is a true reflection of saying that, through the power of education, people can achieve their dreams.
Kehkashan Memon 
Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry a true inspiration, a strong support, a kind heart, a treasure for life.
Manzoor Soomro 
Great student, teacher but above all a great human being. Congratulations Prof Bhawani Shankar on respectful superannuation as the true Professors never retire! 💐
Madad Ali Shah 
Vice Chancellor
The Benazir Bhutto Shaheed
University of Technology and Skill Development
Salutes to the living legend sir
Mian Abdul Mannan 
Sir Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry:
It is a matter of pride and honor for all of us to be taught, trained and well groomed by a personality so humble and down-to-earth. You have always shown your students the doors of hope and opportunities. I feel proud to say that you played a great role in shaping my career and have aptly guided me to this point in my life.
Every beginning has an ending, but every ending is in fact a beginning.
May Allah Almighty always help you in every aspect of your life.
With deepest regards.
Sufyan Ali Memon
Dear Dr. Sahib you will be remembered as ideal professor and advisor. I congrats you on your successful career at MUET. I hope you continue your guidance and motivation to graduate and undergraduate scholars as well. Thanks for your teachings and sharing experiences to me.
Salahuddin Saddar 
“He never counted hours. Consciously he never hurt anyone. He never complained about Any one. Every one remembers him as a Role Model.”
only count above statement …i slute such great person with both hands.
he will remain ever in the history of MUET with great golden words.
Saleem Ahmed Memon 
A true role model, always reachable for supporting and uplifting you.a great human being, amazing teacher,a permanent pride for Mehran.. thanks for inspiring me.. keep doing this labor of Love.
Awais Khatri 
Indeed Sir!
You have set an amazing example of professionalism despite having many social, political, financial and professional pressures/challanges…
You are one of my professional inspirations 👍🏽
Allah bless you….
Sheeraz Memon 
Indeed you are a living legend. A soul who want to comfort others, the word EGO has never been present in your dictionary. Indeed the footprints and milestones you have left with MUET is a legacy which will be never forgotten. You are BRAND name for MUET, when ever I visited and joined circle of academicians around the country you are the only MUET man known, discussed and admired.
Long live Dr Bhawani
Shafiq Musavi 
Dr., you are indeed a great person for whom all Pakistan be proud of.
We established together MUET Alumni in 1996, and since I have found you a sincere and dedicated member of our caravan.
You are now more mature and can contribute more to our society. Regards
Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry 
Unbelievable. Great contribution, the career is now started, I propose him for new ED of HEC, the ultimate best choice.
Engr Shabir Mamonai
No doubt he is outstanding academician and genius man of world. We reside as neighbored in Shah Abdul Latif Hostel in room 103 I was residing and he was in 104 for many years. Good friend good teacher good Human being. I always praying for him always. Regards
Shakeel Rajper
 WOW! Time flies. A great teacher, mentor, and leader at all times. I still remember we enjoyed 87 batch under your supervision such as IEEP, learning microprocessors, digital projects, and available for us at every step. I’m sure MUET will remember your contributions.Thank you for everything!!!
Syed Nasir 
Dear Dr Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, you are the legend of MUET.
Thank you for your kind professional development to bring MUET in the Sky. You are the star. We and MUET never forget your unforgettable technical contribution. Allah bless you and your family with love peace prosperity good health and happiness.
Far Ya
 MASHA A ALLAH Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry sir you are an inspiration for all the students 🙂 May you get more success ahead in life INSHA A ALLAH 🙂
Tania Saleem 
BHAWANI sahab you have always been and you will always remain a great source of inspiration for all your students . You have achieved a lot not just for yourself but for your Alma mater too.
Shahzad Nizamani 
Dear Sir, whenever I hear the word “Multitasking” I think about you. As I never saw you do onething at a time :). Best wishes for your future endeavors, though I would suggest some rest.
Munawar Hassan
 It’s a matter of satisfaction in one’s life that the career achieves it’s formal culmination in a graceful – and you did it. Have even more vibrant retired life. Try to pursue all the passions that you couldn’t due to job related preferences.
Moiz Rahman Memon
 Dr Sb, it is indeed an honour for me to have worked under your guidance during my university days and it is still continued. You are one of the very few people whom I have seen as a helping hand for everyone and not just a tiny selection of people. You are truly an inspiration for me and many others. Best wishes
Shiraz Latif 
Sir your contribution for community, MUET and lives of thousands individuals like me is something that will be remembered and recognized at every stage of our lives.
Thanks for being there whenever we need.
We really appreciate your worthy guidance. I really value your contribution in my career.
Mitharam Parmar
 Sir you have contributed a lot in academic sector, you have served with your dedication. You are inspiration and role model for many. Congratulations on your successful journey. Please keep continue serving with your skills. God bless you
Dileep Ratnani
مسلسل جدوجهد ٖ اڻ ٿڪ محنت ٖ پروفيشنل ازم ٖ مثبت رويا ٖ ڪردار ٖ ساک ٖ سچائي ۽ علم ئي انسان کي بُلندين تي وٺي ويندا آهن ٖ اوهان هڪ رول ماڊل آهيو ٖ مهراڻ يونيورسٽي جا شاگرد
Sono Khangharani 
Age does not determine the retirement from work. It is only mind that does. Job keeps changing and more avenues of development awaits a head. Person like you is a gold mine, which does not exhaust with age. God bless you
Kamran Badar Baloch 
Respectable and honorable Sir, your contribution for MUET will always be remembered, Sir you did a lot for the needy students to help them, Me myself get lot of experience from you, You are ideal for all of us, You truly an inspiration for everyone.We all will miss you SirStay Blessed 😊
Zeeshan Gujjar
 No doubt sir you are a great inspiration for all of us, While preparing for the FPSC test, i found your name in the list of famous personality of Pakistan. #ProudOfYouSir <3
M Ismail Rind
 Great Dr Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry mubarak you deserve and achieved by personal hard work and strugle with honest sprit, all those and many more efforts you did I know, seen, heard and feel so we all love you and I am proud having same home town Kantio chachro too.
Hassan Bhutto
 Dr. Bhawany Shankar Chaudhri is a solid person with a great substance. One can go on writing about this extra- ordinary teacher and Prof and a committed Researcher. An International Scholar. Above all a very pleasant personality. May he be able to continue his Research for further accomplishments and achievements. Good luck Prof. Bhawany Shankar.
Nandlal Sharma 
Great Sir, the way you have completed your assignment n paid services to the nation will be remembered in years to come. Knowledge never retires hope u will guide to students like us in future with same enthusiasm n fervour. Best wishes
Uzair Ali Shaikh 
Masha’Allah, Sir! You are a role model for us and your services here in Mehran UET will always be remembered. A brilliant engineer and a hard working personality that always inspired us to keep going on the right track. Not only for what you’ve been for MUET, also a kind and humble person.
Thanks for the your contributions in the development of Mehran UET. Stay blessed, Sir!
Noor Sheikh 
a great person with dedication and an excellent contribution to academia Wish you a continued contribution in academia.
Congrats Sir… You deserve Sitar-e-Imtiaz and more for your contributions to our society.
Zafi Sherhan Shah 
Sir, you are a national asset. We are all fortunate to have had the opportunity to be influenced by you, by your work ethic, your dedication, and your perseverance to promote education.
The word legend is very appropriate for you.
Latif Gaad 
You are a role model for generations to come. There are so many words to explain your greatness at the same time there are no words to describe your greatness because it can’t be expressed through words. Your contributions are tremendous and can’t be matched with anyone. Your association with my program New Generation is unforgettable for me bc you were my 1st guest. May Lord help us to follow your footsteps. All respects, honours for you.
Abdul Rasheed Phulpoto 
Great services by you for society.Very kind to everyone. Sir your services are greatly admired by everyone.
Khalid Hussain Dero 
Sir, no doubt your contribution for this nation and institution will be remembered.
Lal Bukhsh Jiskani 
Congratulations serving people of Sindh n Alma mater have earned respects n honour from home and abroad. felicitations for having given distinguished services to your people n country.
Zulfiqar Ali 
Dear Sir, you are role model.. The way you uplift from gross root level to highest position ever.. You won and awarded number of achievements awards. Outstanding and humble nature made you more worthful and valuable.
Abid Hussain
 Sir thanks for giving international recognition to MUET and bringing many reforms in departments. A man can retire but not his legacy! Good luck for your future. Wish you a peaceful life ahead. Cheers!
Hima Zafar 
Indeed sir you are role model for us. 😇 🙂 Best Wishes for New year 2019. May you shine more than Galaxy of Stars 🌟
Shahzad Shaikh 
A great man and Mentor for many students of every Era, MUET surely will remember you as a great asset.
Toufique Akbar Soomro 
Sir . You are such inspirations for all of us. Your contributions to bring muet globally always remained top of the list. You are such a great teacher and leader. May Allah bless you with more success. Ameen. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry
DrMuhammad Azam Khan 
Congratulations on great achievements and respect.
Jitander Kumar Pabani 
Your services will be missed a lot sir. A long journey including your dedication, honesty, achievements, inspiration to rural as well as urban students will be a gap for future generations.
Ali Asghar
 Dr Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry retired from services as Dean Faculty of Electrical Electronic and Computer Engineering, Mehran UETJamshoro. Dr Chowdhry has remained a symbol of fame and recognition for Mehran University at International and National level. He is well behaved and well organized person. He earned respect and cheers from students and juniors. I wish him all the best for his future assignments.
Ghulam Mujtaba Junejo 
Fascinating end to the most successful high profile academic career. Your invaluable services rendered will last longer than hopes. You remained role model for the whole MUET Batches. We pray for your better health and best wishes for the next phase of life ahead. Stay Blessed 🙂
Yahya Sameen Junejo 
Hats off to u sir. People like you are rarely born. Your love and dedication to this institution and towards your students is very respectful and caring and will be honoured till the last minute.
Sunder Sham 
Sir you are true inspiration for every one ,u are valuable asset of muet who raise muet jamshoro at global level . Offcousre u r role model for every one..stay blessed
Aijaz Mangi 
Sir you are really great teacher.You taught us microprocessor in 5th term. Though you were very busy in administrative issues but never missed out any class. Your love for knowledge is remarkable. You set many milestones. We are always with you and you are always with us. MUET is yours ☺
Amanat Jalbani 
Congrats for completion of your time and serving at MUET as a Professor . You are really a role model for others specially your students . Hope they will follow your foot steps too. Hopefully, you will continue serving Sindh in particular and Pakistan in general .
Ahsen Ahmed 
Such a Pearl of this institution and inspired personality. Congratulations and very warm well wishes to you Sir Bhawani 💐🙏💖
Ritu Raj Lamsal 
Sir, You are among some great professor and a kind person ever met.I hope you will continue imparting your knowledge and wisdom even after retirement.
Dr-Abdul Sattar Saand 
Dear Sir Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhryall appreciations and applauds goes to your life credit for your sincerely dedications and devotions towards this Nobel profession ( A TEACHER) You are a great Teacher 🙂 🙏🌷 Your retirement is not a full stop in teaching, it is just “hard refresh” Hopefully you will be contributing at level best much more as ever. Thank you Sir ! for your contributions in my. academics and professional growth. (Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Saand).
Bharat Lal 
Sir you are great teacher and mentor at every step. You are true role model for people of Thar and our new generation. You had done termendous efforts for nation. MUET will always miss you.
Zahid Hussain Khand 
The True legend of Sindh. Great person. Wish you Long life and best health.
Muhammad Tahir Rashid 
Congrats and you are a National Asset and Pakistan should not lose you😍😍😍
Zeeshan Shah
Zeeshan Shah
It was a privilege to meet Dr Bhawani Yesterday. I heard a lot about him and finally got the chance to meet him Yesterday. He was occupied in conversation with students while I interrupted him because I couldn’t hold myself and left aside etiquette and courtesy to shake hand with the person I had great respect for.
Dr.Tariq Masood, Ph.D, CEng
Dr.Tariq Masood, Ph.D, CEng 
Many congratulations Prof Dr Bhawani S Chowdhry sahib, Almighty Allah bless you in this World and hereafter too. (Ameen Suma Ameen)
Aamir Zameer
Aamir Zameer  
Aamir Zameer
Status is reachable
Thanks sir, infact I have learned a lot from you in a very short period but you are and will ever remain in our hearts.
Dr.Dileep Kumar Acharya
Dr.Dileep Kumar Acharya 
Great Personality I have ever seen in my Life and Sir is the symbol of inspiration for all
Nasrullah Dahani's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person
Nasrullah Dahani 
Great the honorable Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry the legend of MUET
Azizul Haq 
Drdh Rathi 
Great work …… Noble persons doing the noble cause ! Future stars are being grown up with affection.
Zulfiqar Ali 
That’s why some wise man once said, Actions (In the form of achievements) speak louder than words.
Congratulations to you dear sir for getting “South Asia” Awards.
Babar Ahmed 
Masha Allah, congratulations sir… Hope this wont be an end to this struggle but indeed a begining to an even better than before standards of service to the people and society from your end, In sha Allah.
Mahesh Kumar 
congratulation sir. A great honour to you and pride for all community.
Khurram Shaikh 
God bless you and your family sir. You are a source of motivation and inspiration for all of us.
Dear sir, u are a light to hundreds of students, without doubt, you are a motivation for all of us.
Rano Mal Piryani 
You are the source of inspiration for younger generation
Zaheer Babar 
Excellent and extraordinary personality.salute my dear on this knowledge spreading activities.
Shoaib Dayo 
Great keep it up Sir
U r the pioneer of MUET
Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry
 Greatly acknowledged, you deserve much more. We are underutilizing you sir.
Shehram Shah 
Dear Sir, No doubt you have a big role in the success of hundreds of people. You indeed are a true blessing.
Kapil Shardha 
He is indeed one of the best teacher and soul as well 🙂May Parmatma bless you both .
Kiran Rajput
Waking up and reading to this has elevated my blood circulation.
Dr Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry I appreciate your support, encouragement and confidence in me always. I will not let you down with our further commitments towards university and juniors.
Thanks for everything and thanks to God for having you for all of your students.
Devdat Maheshwari 
We are proud of you Mr Noble Prize.
Syed Nasir
 Dear Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, you are a great man, great professor, Your unforgettable professional contribution towards MUET make you a star. God bless you.
KOmal MemOn 
We are very much proud of u sir 😊 you are our inspiration 🙂
Ghulam Qadir Ansari 
Great visionary personality.
Sara Rehman 
Proud of you Sir and proud of MUET
Zeeshan Ali Memon 
Splendid, the great man, proud of you sir..
Assad Ali 
Realy there are great achievments of ur dear sir . Im proud of u sir ‘that u have kept bright name of MUET jamshoro
Aijaz Mangi 
Bhawani sb. is no doubt our pride he is accomplished reseacher and renowned scholar. we his students always feel honoured to see his achievements
Raja Sirichand 
sir you are honour for our community
Mansoor Soomro 
I regard you sir a dedicated individual who sets themes on fire.
Shoukat Hussain 
magnetic personality of the mehran university of engineering and technology jamshoro sindh
DrTariq Masood 
Masha ALLAH great and your exceptional contribution for pakistan
Mirza Masroor Beg 
 I tried to meet you but I couldn’t. You are a treasure to us in the Mehran University.
Syed Asim Ali Shah 
You are an inspiration for us and generation of sindh specially. Great personality
Salim Abid Tabassum 
Your dedication to profession, honesty, & hard work are examples to follow.
Engr Mohammad Moosa 
Bhawani shb is the name of hardwork ,commitment and long sir ,u r our proud..
Farkhunda Bhatti 
Sir you are a role model for all.
Engr Suleman Memon 
Honorable Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry is great teacher, humanitarian, loving, caring and helping. Always found him helping people regardless of any thing.
Ayesha Junejo
Sir you a true inspiration for all of us. I was discussing with Ada Nadir the other day, he was also appreciating your educational services and dynamic personality.

Engr Kush
The ICon of education the the king of knowledge and best person my ideal sir God bless you keep shinning my lord
Syed Nasir
Your contribution to MUET and professional development is unforgettable.
Congratulations and thank you for your all.
Maria Jeetesh Maheshwari 
Great personality of muet and for me he is great adviser . We proud of u
Tahir Nabi 
BEsttt Humun Mehran UET has ever gooott….we are Proud of u SIR.
Fahmida Rehman 
Sir, U are our pride really…
Muhammad Afzal Kamboh
 I will use one word for the personality, that is ‘Innovative’ is sir Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry sb in the field of professional education
uhammad Zakir Shaikh 
You’re the heart and soul of Mehran UET. I appreciate your dedicated commitment.Telling you that you’re “appreciated” does not do your service justice. You’re the best! Sir Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry. You do such a great job! Keep it up God bless you for always being there to cheer and to guide.
Umair Qureshi
 I like your personality , how u dressed up always at UNI , your shoes matches your belt colour , black trouser black shoes , off-white trouser ( brown shoes , brown belt ) ! waoo combination

Dr-Ghous Narejo
Sir Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry is shinning star on education horizon of Pakistan and Asia especially south Asia.
Mukesh Kumar Dharwai
 Ideas follows him always. The Asset of Technology in Education Industry.
Salman Shaikh 
One of the inspirational personalities of my life.
Rizwan Ali Shah 
A Great Man with Kind Views…
Kishor Chandani 
Great teachers like yourself – who influence positively and give direction to youth are always respected ..
Toufique Akbar Soomro
 Dear sir , May Allah bless you with more success. You are a true leader and a great human being. Such great work! Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry
Foz Abro 
Bravo sir! You are a great teacher instilling a love of learning in the hearts of the most wonderful children on earth.
Mian Abdul Mannan 
Sir Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry:
I have always admired and respected you not only for your endless achievements in technical field but a great source of that respect come from observing a loving and caring man who is always there for his students in times of their needs, be it financial or technical, even administrative.
I vividly remember your office door never locked and was always open for students. No matter how high level meeting was going on that time.
My utmost respect for a great man whom I admire most in my life!!!
Alwin Sunil 
Sir… It feels good to have you as a ultimate guide as role model for many students, as like for me….
We are so graced to have you in our life…
Nasr Ullah Jamali 
Awesome Sir. You are one of the bright star of Pakistan.
Mahmood Ahmed
آپ جیسے لوگوں کی ہی ضرورت ہے ایچ ای سی میں اور وزارت تعلیم میں۔ ہماری دعائیں اور نیک تمنائیں اپ کے ساتھ ہیں۔ آپ یقینا ملک و قوم کی بھلائ اور بہتر مستقبل کیلئیے معاون و مددگار ثابت ہوں گے
Abdul Latif Soomro 
Dr Bhawani is our pride. He deserves even more than what he has. I congratulate him and pray for his success to continue to endeavour and render services to the best of his abilities to raise the standard of education in Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular.
Engr Syed Mohammad Raza 
Dynamic person with visionary leadership qualities. Proud of MUET, Sindh and Pakistan.
Ali Arsalan 
Always happy-go-lucky. Busy in creating the emerging students out of competition-pool. Sincere efforts Sir paid to the mother land and mother institute. Unforgettable contribution. Outstanding educationist with humanitarian profile. We pray u keep the same spirit.
Engr Ganesh Rathi 
A man with motivational qualities and Leadership
Shahzor Memon 
Respected sir you are really a asset for the nation…. Live long
Murtaza Majboor
بلڪل بھترين استاد سوشل زندگي گھاريندڙ پروفيسر
Benazir Rustamani 
Awesome personality. Simple but very brilliant, outstanding man.

Abdul Jabbar
U are indeed great personality we are proud of u
Ali Asghar 
The recognition of Mehran University at International level is due to many factors, including wisdom of VC, faculty and the team in particular, Dr. B.S Chowdhry. Credit goes to your (Dr B.S Chowdhry) continuous, consistent and dedicated approach towards the goals. Congratulations on high level of recognition that you have earned.
AlYan Ansari 
The reason behind the success of IEEE. The B.S Chaudri 😎